690 food stresses tested for only £99

We test your reactions to the following food allergens and send you the results, if ordering more than one test please select the “additional test” option and the discount will be applied to your bag.

Acetyisalicylic acid E202 potassium sorbate Peanut butter
Addiction to smoking E210 benzoic acid Peanut oil
Adzuki beans E211 sodium benzoate Peanuts
Agar agar E212 potassium benzoate Peanuts
Agar agar E214 PHB-ester Pear
Alfalfa sprouts E216 PHB-propylester Pear, peeled
Alfalfa-sprouts E218 PHB methyl ester Peas
Alga (China-restaurant) E220 sulphur dioxide Pepper, black
Almonds E221 sodium sulfite Peppermint, dried
Amaranth E223 sodium disulfite Pernod
Anchovies in oil (no can) E224 kalium disulfite Phenol solvent
Aniseed E230 biphenyl Phenylquicksilveracetate
Apple E233 thiabendazole Physalis
Apple tea ‘Teekanne Fixapfel’ E249 potassium nitrite Pickles
Apple, dried E250 sodium nitrite Pig liver, boiled
Apple, peeled E251 sodium nitrate Pig liver, raw
Apricot aroma E252 potassium nitrate Pimento
Apricots E310 octylgallate Pine nuts
Armagnac E310 Propylgallat Pineapple (Hawaii)
Aroma apple E312 Dodecylgallat Pineapple, dried
Aroma apricot 1 E320 butylate hydroxy anisol (BHA) Pistachio (salted, roasted)
Aroma banana E321 butylhydroxitoluole Pistachio kernel
Aroma cherry E322d lecithin (egg yolk) Plaice
Aroma Coca-Cola E322s lecithin (soya) Plums
Aroma herbs E330 citric acid Plums, dried
Aroma pear E338 orthophosphoric acid Pollack
Aroma raspberry E339b disodium orthophosphate Pomegranate
Aroma rum E340a mono potassium orthophosphate Pomelo
Arrowroot flour E340b dipotassium orthophosphate Poppy oil
Artichoke E340c tribasic potassium orthophosphate Poppy seeds
Asparagus, white E341c tribasic calcium orthophosphate Pork (bacon)
Aspartame (Assugrin) E355 adipine acid Pork sausage
Aubergine E412 Guar Pork, boiled
Avocado E414 gum arabic Pork, organic
Avocado E420a sorbite Pork, raw
Avocado oil E421 mannitol Potato
Baby beverage ‘Hipp’ apricot E450 sodium dihydrogenphosphate Potato chips
Baby beverage ‘Hipp’ carrot E450a tribasic sodium diphosphate Potato snacks
Baby food ‘Himmeltau’ oatmeal E450c sodiumpolyphosphate Prawns, boiled
Baby food ‘Hipp’ blueberries and apples E620 monosodium glutamate Prawns, raw
Baby food ‘Hipp’ wholemeal spaghetti with beef E621 sodium glutamate Preserving sugar
Baby food ‘Milupa 7-cereals-gruel’ E622 potassium glutamate Preserving sugar
Baby food ‘Milupa Aptamil 1’, sucrose free E623 calcium glutamate Pretzel sticks
Baby food ‘Milupa’ creamed fruit with chocolate E951 aspartame Prickly pear
Baby food ‘Milupa’ creamed milk +7-grains E952 cyclamate Primary yeast
Baby food ‘Milupa’ creamed wholegrain with fruit E954 saccharin Procain (NOVANAESTH PURUM)
Baby food ‘Milupa Milumil 1’ Edible snail Provolone cheese
Baby food ‘Milupa Miluvit’ semolina pudding Eel Pumpkin
Baby food ‘Milupa’ pureed vegetables Egg white Pumpkin cores
Baby food ‘Milupa’ with creamed rusks and fruit Egg white (cooked) Pumpkin seed oil
Baby jiuce ‘Hipp’ orange+passion fruit+apple juice Egg white (cooked) Pure cultivation yeast (LaVie inc.)
Baby juice ‘Hipp Baby C’ Egg yolk Quince
Baby tea ‘Hipp’ instant orange tea Egg yolk (cooked) Quinine
Baby tea ‘Milupa’ instant fennel tea Egg yolk (cooked) Radicchio
Bacon Elder fruits Radish
Baking powder Elderflower tea Radish sprouts
Banana Endives Radish, black
Barley Ethoxyquin Radishes, white
Barley malt Eugenol Raisins
Barley sprouts Fennel Rape oil
Basil, dried Fenugreek sirup Raspberries
Basilicum Fenugreek sprouts Red cabbage
Bay leaves, dried Fernet Branca Red clover tea
Bean sprouts Field mushrooms Red currant
Beans Field mushrooms Red lentils
Beans, green Fig (Ficus carica) Red oak leaf lettuce
Beef liver, boiled Figs, dried Red wine
Beef liver, raw Fish (spoiled) Red wine
Beef soup cube ‘Maggi’ Fish mix 1 Red-mix (E123, 132)
Beef, boiled Fish mix 2 Rhubarb (Rheum officinale)
Beef, raw Frankfurter Rice
Beer Frisee lettuce Rock sugar
Beer Fruchtzwerg Rock sugar
Beer, nonalcoholic ‘Clausthaler’ Fructose Root parsley
Beet sugar brown Fruit tea Rose hip tea
Beet sugar brown Fruit tea Rose hip tea ‘Teekanne Fixbutte’
Beetroot Fruit tea ‘Fixfrüchtetee Meinl’ Rosemary, dried
Berry nectar (ready drink) Galingale (Alpinia officinarum) Rosenrot Adaptogen
Berry nectar (ready drink) Garlic Rum
Bifido milk Garlic Rye
Black beans Gelatine Rye sprouts
Black imperatoria (Radix imperatoriae) Giant bean sprouts Sage, dried
Blackberries Ginger Salami ‘Meinl’
Blackcurrant Gingerbread spice Salicylic acid
Blood orange tea ‘Teekanne’ Gliadin Salmon
Blossoms pollen Gluten (spelt) Salmon butter
Blue fenugreek (Trigonella caerulea) Gluten (wheat) Salmon herring, raw
Blueberries Goat’s cheese, biological Salmon oil
Boletus mushrooms, dried Goose Sardines in olive oil (preserve)
Boletus mushrooms, dried Gooseberry Sauerkraut
Bombal (bratwurst) E 262, 331, 301, 300 Granadilla Sauerkraut
Borrage oil Grapefruit Sausage (spoiled)
Brazil nuts Grapefruit stone capsules (Espara) Savory, dried
Bread (mixed) Grapes, blue Savoy cabbage
Bread (spoiled) Grapes, green Sea salt
Bread Drink ‘Kanne Brottrunk’ Grappa Sea salt
Brewer’s yeast Green runner beans Sesame oil
Brewer’s yeast Guarana drink (Ritual) Sesame, organic
Brewer’s yeast Guduchi tea (with cinnamon) Sheep cheese, biological
Broad beans Halibut Sheep’s yoghurt (pasteurized)
Broccoli Haricot beans Sheeps yoghurt, raw
Brown-mix (E104, 124, 127, 132) Hawthorn Shiitake fungi
Buckwheat Hazelnut Shrimps
Buckwheat tea Herb salt ‘Herbamare’ Sodium carbonate
Buckwheat tea Herb salt ‘Herbamare’ Sodium fluoride
Bulgur Herb tea ‘Teekanne Fixkräutli’ Sojanaise (vegetarian mayonnaise)
Butter (spoiled) Herbs de Provence Sole
Butter, pasteurized Herring Sourdough leavening agent
Butter, pasteurized Hokkaido pumpkin Soya flour
Butter, raw Holy thistle Soya flour
Butter, raw Honey Soya granulate
Buttermilk (pasteurized) Horned melon (kiwano) Soya granulate
Cabbage turnip Horse Soya milk
Cabbage, fresh Horseradish Soya milk
Camomile tea ‘Teekanne Fixmille’ Huckleberries, dried Sparkling wine
Camomile, dried Human milk Spelt
Campari Instant milk powder low-fat 1,5% Spinach
Cancer Iodized salt Squid
Cane sugar Iodized salt SR Alpha 20 c
Cane sugar Isotonic drink ‘Isostar’ SR Assimilaid
Cannabis Jeera / cumin SR Calli
Capers Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tub.) SR Conco
Capers Kamut SR Fortune Delight
Caraway Kandisin (sweetener) SR Lifestream
Cardamon Kandisin (sweetener) SR Nuplus
Carob Kathon-CG (Euxyl) SR Prime again
Carrot Kefir SR Quinary
Carrots Kefir SR Suncare
Carrots, yellow Ketchup SR Vita taste
Cashews Kidney beans Starfruit (karambol)
Cauliflower Kiwi Stinging nettle tea
Celery Kiwi Strawberries
Celery Knuspera (sausage) E 471, 472 Strawberries
Celery stalks Kombucha tea fungus Strawberry aroma
‘Cenovis’ swiss spread Kombucha tea fungus Sugar (beet sugar, refined)
Chanterelle Krakowska turkey sausage Sugar (beet sugar, refined)
Cheese – Brie Kumquat Sugar vapour
Cheese – Brie La Pacho tea Sugarcane molasses
Cheese – Camembert Lactic bacteria, dried Sugarcane molasses
Cheese – cow’s milk, raw Lactose Sulfadiazine
Cheese – Edam Lamb Sulfaguanidin
Cheese – gorgonzola Lard Sunflower oil
Cheese – gorgonzola Leavening agent – wholemeal, organic Sunflower seeds
Cheese – Gouda Leberkaese Super Ohtaka (Japanese fermenting prod.)
Cheese – mountain cheese Leeks Super Ohtaka (Japanese fermenting prod.)
Cheese – Parmesan Lemal (liverwurst) E 471, 472 b/c Sweet chestnuts
Cheese – processed Lemon Sweet potato
Cheese “Emmentaler” Lemon Sweet rice
Cheese (cottage / cream cheese) Lemon aroma Sweet rice
Cheese (spoiled) Lemon aroma 1 Swiss chard
Cherries Lemon balm, dried Table salt
Chicken meat, boiled Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) Table salt
Chicken meat, raw Lentil sprouts Tahini (sesame paste)
Chickpeas Lentils, green Tahini (sesame paste)
Chili hull Lettuce Tamari sauce
Chili hull Lime tree blossom tea Tamari sauce
Chili powder Linseed Tamari sauce
Chinese cabbage Linseed oil Tamarillo
Chisandra Adaptogen Liverwurst Tangerine (peel and flesh)
Chives Lobster Tapioca pearl sago (Thailand)
Chocolate Lovage root Tapioca pearl sago (Thailand)
Chocolate bar ‘Mars’ Lovage, dried Tarragon, dried
Chocolate-nut spread ‘Nutella’ LV acerola Tartaric acid
Cinnamic aldehyde Lychee Tartaric acid
Cinnamon bark Mackerel, raw ‘Tartex’ vegetarian spread with herbs
Cinnamon powder ‘Maggi’ flavouring sauce Tea (Earl Grey)
Cinnamon, white Mallow blossom, dried Tea, black
Clementine Malt coffee Tea, green
Cloves Maltodectrin (veal sausage) E 450, 471 Thiomersal
Coca Cola Mango Thistle oil
Cocoa Mangostan Thyme leaf
Coconut gratings Maple syrup Thyme, dried
Coco-oil Maracuja Tobacco
Cocoyams Mare’s milk Tofu, salted
Cod fish Margarine ‘Thea’ Tomato
Coffee Margarine ‘Vita’ Trout, raw
Coffee, decaffeinated Mayonnaise Tsampa (Tibetan roasted barley)
Cognac Meat (spoiled) Tuna
Common mallow tea Mega Blitz (cold cuts) E 450, 575, 330, 621 Tuna in vegetable oil (conserve)
Congo red Melon (honeydew melon) Turkey meat, boiled
Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) Milk “light-milk”, 1 %, biological Turkey meat, raw
Corn oil Milk (goat) UHT milk 3,5% fat, ‘Milfina’
Corn starch Milk (sheep) Ultima Adaptogen
Cornflakes ‘Schneekoppe’ Milk (spoiled) Unripe spelt grain
Cornflakes ‘Schneekoppe’ Milk in Tetrapack, ‘Milfina’ Vanilla fruit
Courgette Milk vapour Vanilla ice-cream
Couscous Milk, pasteurized Vanilla planifolia
Cous-Cous Milk, raw Vanilla sugar (synthetic flavour)
Crab Milk, raw Vanilla sugar (synthetic flavour)
Cranberries Millet Vanillinum
Crawfish Mineral water ‘Vöslauer’ Veal, boiled
Cream of tartar baking powder Miso (barley) Veal, raw
Cream of tartar baking powder Miso (barley) Vegetable soup (deep-frozen)
Cream, pasteurized Mono- and diglyceride E 472 b/c, 450 Venison, boiled
Cream, raw Monosodium glutamate E 621 Venison, raw
Crème fraîche, pasteurized Mould (bread) Vinegar (“Balsamico”)
Cress Mould (vegetarian spread) Vinegar (“Balsamico”)
Cucumber Mung beans (soya), green Vinegar (“Hesperiden”)
Curcuma Mungbean sprouts Vinegar (“Hesperiden”)
Curd, pasteurized Mussels Vinegar (apple)
Curdled milk (pasteurized) Mussels, boiled Vinegar (apple)
Curry powder Mustard sprouts Vinegar (red wine)
Dandelion Mustard, hot Vinegar (red wine)
Dates Mustard, hot Vinegar (red wine)
Dates, dried Mustard, sweet Vodka
Daurotin (brine) E 300, 301, 160c Mustard, sweet Wheat
Dead Sea salt Nashi pear (chinese pear) Wheat
Dextrose Nectarine Wheat extract flour
Dextrose Nutmeg Wheat germ
Dill Nutmeg flower Wheat germ oil
Dill, dried Nutrex yeast Wheat sprouts
Dry yeast Oats Wheat vapour
Dry yeast Okra (gumbo) Wheatgrass
Dry yeast Olive oil Whey
Duck Olive, black (in olive oil) Whiskey
Durum semolina Olive, green White pepper
E 500 Onion White wine
E102 tartrazine Orange White wine
E104 quinoline yellow Orange aroma Wild boar
E110 yellow-orange Oregano, dried Wild marjoram, dried
E120 real carmine red Ovomaltine Wild rye
E122 azorubine Oyster mushroom Willow herb tea
E123 amaranth Pale mussels Worcester sauce
E124 cochenille red A Papaya Worcester sauce
E127 erythrosin Paprica powder, “noble sweet” Wurstquick (meat loaf) E 450, 451, 315, 621
E132 indigotine Paprika peppers Yam (Dioscorea batatas)
E133 brilliant blue FCF Paprika, green Yeast
E151 brilliant black BN Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) Yeast
E200 sorbic acid Parsley, dried Yellow-mix (E104, 110, 124)
Passion fruit Yoghurt 1% fat (pasteurized)