All 52 strains below tested for £59

For a more detailed Candida test the following 52 strains are tested and can help locate the infection

Candida Albicans
Candida Albicans Toxoid
Candida Atlantica
Candida Boidinii
Candida Chalmersii
Candida Ciferrii
Candida Claussenii
Candida Cruzii
Candida Cylindracea
Candida Dubliniensis
Candida Dysbiosis
Candida Face
Candida Famata
Candida Fungemia
Candida Glabrata
Candida Guilliermondii
Candida Gurulmundi
Candida Humicola
Candida Inconspicua
Candida Intermedia
Candida Kefyr
Candida Krusei
Candida Lactiscondensi
Candida Lambica
Candida Langeronii
Candida Lipolytica
Candida Lusitaniae
Candida Membranaefaciens
Candida Mesenterica
Candida Mix
Candida Multigemmis
Candida Norvegensis
Candida Parakrusei
Candida Parapsilosis
Candida Pelliculosa
Candida Pneumonia
Candida Pseudotropicalis
Candida Robusta
Candida Rugosa
Candida Spp.
Candida Stellatoidea
Candida Torresol
Candida Tropicalis
Candida Urinary Tract
Candida Utilis
Candida Versatilis
Candida Vi-Ni
Candida Viswanathii
Candida Zeylanoides
Candidal Meningitis
Candidiasis Vulvovaginal