All 175 stresses tested for only £59

We test your reactions to the following cosmetic and detergents found to see which ones you are allergic to or would be if you came into contact with them. You can even send us products for us to test for compatibility with you.

Aloe vera cream ‘Holzhacker’ Perfume-mix
‘Alpha Essence Starting serum No.1’ Permanent wave ‘Wella’
Apricot Scrub Petroleum jelly cream
Baby nappies ‘Pampers’ (paper) Petroleum jelly plus skin cream
Basis cream (‘Asche’) Pour Elle Body Skin Repair
Bebe Soft Body Milk Pour Elle Fibra Gel
Bepanthen washing lotion Pour Elle Light Cleanser
Bepanthol Lotio Pour Elle Revitam A
Bepanthol Lotio F Pour Elle Rich Reviving Cream
Bepanthol Roche facial cream Pour Elle Skin Balancer
Bodymilk ‘Biotherm’ Pumice stone
Bodymilk ‘Nivea’ for sensitive skin Rescue Cream
Calendula cream Rich cream ‘Parfenac®’
Chikara pheromone spray Salicylvaseline 2%
Cleansing milk ‘Goldnerz inc.’ Satina
Cream basis-pH, intensive-cream for face Satina cream
Cream ‘Javacell’ Sebamed Body Milk
Cream ‘Lindermal’ Setting lotion (foam)
Cream ‘Satina cream lotion’ Shampoo ‘Bonacure Split-Haar’
Cream soap ‘Goldnerz inc.’ Shampoo ‘Crisan – fortifying shampoo’
Cream, basis-pH Shampoo ‘Glem Vital Mild’
Curd (hard) soap Shampoo ‘Pantene Pro-V’
Dandruff shampoo ‘Crisan’ Shampoo ‘Sojoba El` Vital’
Deer fat cream Shaving cream (without preservat. agent)
Dental whitener ‘Dr. Best’ Shaving cream ‘Gillette’
Deodorant (without preservative agent) ‘Shiseido Cleans-gel’
Deodorant spray Shower cream ‘Fa’
Deodorant, basis-PH Shower gel ‘Biotherm’
Emulsion ‘Shiseido’ Shower gel ‘CD shower-balm’
Emulsion with herbs “Goldnerz inc.” Shower gel ‘Dove cream’
‘Enriched eye cream 93’ Shower gel ‘Fa Light’
Excipial oily cream Shower gel ‘Nivea for men’
‘Eye Gel Prevent Skinceuticals’ Shower gel ‘Rexona’
‘Eye Lift Cream 86’ Shower gel, basis-pH
Eye-makeup remover ‘Lancome’ Skin cream ‘Cellucur Skin refiner fluid’
Face cream ‘Principe Moisturecream 89’ Skin cream ‘Kaloderma’
Face lotion (without preservative agent) Skin cream ‘Nivea’
Face lotion ‘Clearasil’ Skin lotion ‘Shiseido’
Hair balm ‘AS-foam with silk protein’ Skin oil ‘Penaten’
Hair balm ‘Glem Vital’ Soap flakes ‘Penaten’
Hair colour, blond highlighter powder for strands Soap, mountain paine
Hair conditioner ‘Big Hair’ Marc Daniels Suntan milk (without emulsifier)
Hair cream ‘Laceran’ Suntan milk (without preservative agent)
Hair dye ‘Poly Color’ Suntan oil ‘Piz Buin’
Hair setting/styling foam ‘Schwarzkopf’ Suntan oil ‘Tiroler Nußöl’
Hair shampoo “Goldnerz inc.” ‘Tedivax pro Adulto’
Hair shampoo and balm ‘Timotei’ Toilet soap
Hair shampoo ‘Gloria Beauty’ Toilet soap (pure vegetable oil soap)
Hair shampoo ‘L’Oreal El Vital’ Tooth paste ‘Vademecum’
Hair shampoo ‘Vidal Sassoon’ (normal) Toothpaste ‘Mentadent C’
Hair spray ‘Ultrabas/Ultrastick’ mix (base for salves)
Hairdryer-lotion ‘Glem Vital’ Vaseline-mix
Hairspray ‘Clivia’ Weleda Calendula dermal oil
Hairspray ‘Elnet’ (normal hold) Weleda skin cream
Hairspray ‘Elnet’ (strong hold) Wild Rose Body Oil
Hairspray ‘Gloria’ (pump spray) 1.3.7 = Detergents / cleansers Ai
Hairspray ‘Taft’ Abrasive cleaner ‘Ata citro’
Hand cream ‘Biomains’ Basic cleaning agent
Henna Cif (scouring milk)
Hydrating B5 Face gel Skinceuticals Cleaning agent ‘Ajax Expert with ammonia’
Hydrogen peroxide 9 % (hairdresser) Conditioner ‘Cosy’
Lip balm stick ‘Labello Sun’ Detergent ‘Ariel liquid’
Lip balm ‘TOL’ Detergent ‘Enka’
Lipstick ‘BWC’ Detergent ‘Frosch’
Lipstick ‘Chicogo’ Detergent ‘Omo Power’
Lipstick ‘Ellen Betrix’ Detergent ‘Vizir future’
Lipstick ‘Labello’ Detergent ‘Weißer Riese’
Lipstick ‘TOL’ Dishwasher detergent ‘Calgonit’
Liquid soap and (Lysoform) Dixan Megaperls
Liquid soap, scented Fabric softener ‘Lenor’
‘Lysoform’ – concentrate Fabric softener ‘Quanto’
Marigold balm ‘Sixtus’ Fabric softener ‘Silan-fresh’
Mascara ‘Ellen Betrix’ Hand detergent ‘Genie’
Mascara ‘Lancome Aquacils’ Hydrochinon
Mouthwash ‘Odol’ Laundry detergent ‘Dixan Fleckenchampion’
Nail polish ‘Ellen Betrix’ Laundry detergent ‘Persil’
Nail polish remover Laundry detergent ‘Persil’, unperfumed
Nivea Body Balsam Laundry detergent phosphate-free ‘Aliomat’
Nivea cream Sadolin
Nurturing cream ‘Goldnerz inc.’ Shoe polish ‘Erdal’
Olive oil + ‘Eucerin’® Ski wax
Paraffinum Perliquidum Soft/liquid soap
Paraffinum Subliquidum Toilet cleaning agent
Perfume ‘Tosca’ Toilet-cleaner ‘Danclor’
Vinegar cleaner ‘Frosch’
Washing emulsion ‘Eubos’
Washing-up liquid ‘Frosch’