How it works

Chris Russell

Primary Specialty: Bioresonance Practitioner


  • Advanced Bicom user
  • Multisoft Tester
  • EAP and Tensor trained
  • Advanced CTT
  • Degenerated cells

3 Easy Steps

1Order your required test
On the order page you will see each available test and an option to see all the items tested.

2Follow instructions on arrival
Your test kit will arrive in the post and is very easy to follow, unlike most blood testing services we only need one drop.

3Post and wait for your results
You will receive your test results on a pdf report within 48 hours

How it Works

Over 40 years ago doctors and biologists started to record frequencies emitted by cells, it is now known that all living things emit their own frequency pattern or oscillation.

As part of the testing method we send frequencies of most know substances to your blood sample. When matching frequency patterns are detected a “resonance” occurs which is recorded.

We are then able to identify which substances are causing you stress, or would cause you stress if you were exposed to them, or have caused you stress in the past.

Is it ok to post my sample?

Because the blood sample is dried and in a sealed plastic bag it is not classed as a UN3373 infectious substance.