Treatment Options after blood test


Our test techniques involves the use of the Bicom Bioresonance device which has been used worldwide by over 16,000 practitioners and has been in existence for over 40 years. We cannot say that we can diagnose conditions or recommend treatment, the test results are to be used as a part of the diagnostic process. We actively encourage a variety of options and would never discourage the use of your local doctor or surgeon. The information we provide may help them in their investigations. If your symptoms are recent and require urgent attention visit your doctor before applying for the test.

Bioresonance therapy

After you receive the results you may wish to learn more about bioresonance and this can be done on the link above.

Herbal remedies

We are a supplier of Nutri Advanced and we supply a treatment course for each of the tests we perform. A number of herbal remedies can be used to remove parasites, Candida and toxins which have been used for thousands of years, we can arrange a consultation after you have received your results.

Conventional medicine

Following the test we may recommend a visit to your local doctor asking him to check a certain condition. It is advisable for serious conditions to visit your doctor urgently and not to use this service as an alternative, we can only find resonance which cannot diagnose a condition with one test, it needs to be combined with other conventional methods such as stool, blood, urine samples through your local hospital.

Testing Machine

We use the world renowned Bicom Bioresonance machine for testing and therapy from Reson8

Our devices and test methods have been used to test and treat patients for over 40 years.


More about how it works

We hold the largest database of substance frequencies in the UK.